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About Ariann Black Magician for Hire. Long before reaching fame on television or as a magician for hire for the rich and famous, Ariann was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and began to appreciate magic at an early age. She began doing magic tricks at the age of five when her cousin, a magic enthusiast, showed her various card tricks. Ariann was fascinated with the tricks and would spend hours attempting to learn their secrets. She hounded her cousin to show her more and more tricks until his knowledge of the card tricks was exhausted. One day Ariann was suffering from the flu and as a reward or another form of medicine, her mother took seven year old Ariann to a nearby magic store. Ariann’s eyes lit up as she entered this store. For most small children a candy store or an ice cream parlor was a remedy for the flu, but for Ariann, the magic store was everything treasure under the rainbow. Ariann’s eyes roamed over each item on every shelf. She gazed at the pictures on the boxes. marveled at the feathers and… Continue here…


arrian-black-magicAn exceptional, award-winning professional female magician, Ariann Black has run her own entertainment business for over 20 years. She has successfully worked in the demanding entertainment city of Las Vegas and performed on Broadway, and performed on stages around the world. Ariann’s work has also been a featured artist on US and international broadcast television shows. Her life as a magician and business woman focuses on innovation, invention and an unbeatable work ethic.  Ariann has grown her business with a combination of repeat clients for private, tailored events, and performing in long-running stage shows in coordination with other performers, hotel-casinos, and entertainment staffs. Ariann was the opening act for the comedy magician “The Amazing Johnathan” at the Flamingo Hotel, Sahara Hotel, Riviera Hotel, Golden Nugget Hotel, and The Harmon Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, for his 8-year run.  In addition, she regularly manages stage personnel, theatrical assistants, as well as logistics and marketing for the US and international tours in which she performs. Ariann works with private event planners for private equity and venture capital firms to Fortune 500 companies, and with celebrity personal assistants, with a sensitivity to her client’s specific needs.  Time-sensitive, detail-oriented, budget-conscious, and always professional, Ariann’s business has thrived to a become an enterprise with a reputation built on repeat clients.  Ariann was classically trained in musical theater at Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta, and at the Chavez School for Prestidigitation in Los Angeles, California. She regularly invents her own magical devices, gimmicks, and illusions.


2011-09-27 21.43.14-1Here’s a very specific reason why I am considered one of the most famous females if not the most famous female magician in the world, I work very hard at what I do I practice all the time and I surround myself with people who make me work harder and work better. The magic consultant that I have use for almost every major project I work on is Johnny Thompson. He is the magic consultant for Penn and Teller, he’s worked with David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy and he did everything with Lance Burton. He is the most sought after magic consultant in the world and I am lucky enough to have him living around the corner from my house and I have access to him pretty much whenever I need him and he really helps me and forces me to to work better, smarter and harder. I’m very lucky to have somebody like him in my life which means that my clients are very lucky to have somebody like him in their lives because when I’m working for them, he’s behind the scenes helping me putting together those projects for them.

I am lucky enough to travel all over the world, when I travel I go out of my way to reach out to other female magicians. I  try and get them to talk to each other and and form groups and communicate with each other I feel like it’s really important for female magicians to be seen and just be seen as good magicians. A lot of the female magicians that are out there performing are kids entertainers which is actually a perfect thing for women. Women who work as kids entertainers generally have an affinity for children. They understand kids, where they’re coming from and what it takes to entertain them, women create absolutely delightful children shows to watch. I never wanted to be anything other than a magician and I think because of that I really strove to to be the best at magic. My philosophy has always been if you can’t be the best at what you’re doing then why are you doing it.  I strive to be the the best not just female magician just the best magician that I can be and I think that my peers see that and it is one of the reasons why i have so many awards. I’m so thrilled with the some of the awards that I’ve won for me to win that female magician of the decade was absolutely amazing. I believe that it is part of my job to make sure women in magic are represented in positive light.


Fool Us!

Ariann Black in Pilot for Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

Ariann Black is the worlds’ leading female magician. Not only is she available for high end special events but she also helps corporate and high-end private events planners from around the world hire magicians. Scroll below to learn how to hire a magician for private and corporate events. Corporations and celebrity planners across the globe have trusted Ariann to provide exceptionally tasteful, entertaining and thrilling magic of all sorts. From orchestrated “Vegas” style productions to opening shows for talent like Maroon 5 and Penn and Teller, Ariann is able to produce the perfect spectacle for matching your every whimsy. Below you will find a few useful blog entries that help event planners ask the right questions in order to have the best magic show and hire a magician.

Ariann Black has been featured on some of America’s top television shows, presidential events and the stages of Las Vegas’ most celebrated casinos and theaters. In 2016, fans will be getting a real treat as Ariann will be featured in two international productions with global distribution. If your clients are interested in something truly extraordinary for their special events please take a look at her tips when you want to hire a magician private and corporate event. Airann’s recommendations come from decades of professional experience as both a producer and performer interacting with the world’s leading model talent agencies, event producers, celebrity personal assistants and corporate planners.


Many people have questions when it comes to hiring a magician, having never booked one before. There are questions you should ask the performer and yourself before making your final decision. Also there are several pieces of information I like to get from my clients...

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