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When I first started doing magic I found that there was a Russian rock band that use the name Ariann Black. They were already using all sorts of social media and had the Website so I started using Arian with one ‘n.’ The rock band has since disbanded freeing up all social media. I can go back to using my name and and so now there’s a bit of confusion over whether it’s Ariann or Arian. The odd thing about this is you’d be surprised how many people don’t even notice the n. I’m always amazed and I love talking to people who do notice that there is an extra n on the end of my name I also find that people say my name correctly when there’s two n’s. So the reason there are two versions of my name was a heavy metal Russian rock band that no longer exist I never listened to any of their music and if they don’t exist anymore I don’t think a lot of other people listen to their music. Fortunately for me people book me as a magician not a musician.

The other thing that I get asked about my name a lot is what does Ariann mean. It’s a Sumerian name it was a male name that is supposed to be the name of the person who wrote the original Bible. Although I am not religious in any way the it is an interesting fact that my name means most holy song to God that’s what Ariann means and Black is a very common last name with Scottish people. My mother’s family is Scottish my father’s family’s English and so that’s where my name comes from.


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