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Best Buddies

I have a couple charities that I support. I pick charities that are near and dear to my heart and I must admit there is one charity that I kind of fell into that I enjoy and I look forward to every month it’s called Best Buddies and I created a program with them called Magic Buddies. Best Buddies is an orginazition for people with a mental disability, it varies as there are all sorts of different types of mental disability and anybody with that type of disability can be a part of Best Buddies . it was created by the Shriver family many years ago and continues to grow in popularity. I find working with these people to be sheer happiness, I come in and some of them have problems with motor skills or they’re not good at writing things or remembering numbers and that’s OK because magic teaches in a way that uses a different part of the brain and I’ve had parents cry because their child is now counting to 4 when they couldn’t an hour ago. We are getting them to use motor skills that they’ve never used before but because magic uses a different section of the brain all of a sudden they can do things that they could never do and it’s so just amazing. To see these people learning magic and grinning from ear to ear is magic in its self. Best Buddies calls the program Magic Buddies and I meet once a month with the Buddies to teach them a trick that they take home. Once a year Best Buddies has a big gala and so the Magic Buddies pick their favorite trick to perform for people at the gala. We are currently gearing up so that our buddies will be able to perform at the gala. We will have some of the magicians there to help our Buddies, but we try to make them the star. Last year I had parents coming up to me and gushing over the fact that their child is not just talking to a stranger, but performing a trick for them something they never thought possible. watching this really brings joy to my heart. I make the Buddies at the end of every class take a photo, its always a fantastic group shot. The Magic Buddies program is getting ready to go national so that magic will be available to all of the buddies involved with Best Buddies

Children’s Hospital

I enjoy going to the children’s hospital here in town we have two of them and I enjoy going and performing magic. Friends of mine created a service every Thursday that brings in a different performer for the children’s ward. I try to do that every couple months. These kids are in the hospital for all sorts of reasons, sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s just a minor thing but either way there kids that don’t want to be in a hospital they want to be home so to be able to go into their room when they’re kind of in there pouting and upset and been poked and prodded and see an adult figure that is not there to poke and prod them that is there to make them laugh, giggle and say how do you do that is the best feeling in the world and who wouldn’t want to be able to do that.

Welcome Home Troops

Welcome Home Troops is a wonderful organization that helps military vets rejoining their families. They seek out shows and family events for these returning soldiers to enjoy without having to worry about the expense. This charity covers the price of tickets to shows, concerts, races and special events for the whole family. Whenever I can help with fund raising I jump at the opportunity. To be able to bring some family fun and entertainment to these individuals and their spouses is the least I can do. It makes me happy to know that my work as a magician can help make someone else’s life a little easier.


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