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  Street Seamstress  
  Guangzhou, China  

  Home Sweet Home  
  Onanole, Manitoba, Canada  

  Buddha in Chains  
  Bangkok, Thailand  

  Bison Family  
  Riding Mountain National Park, Canada  

Canadian photographer Ariann Black artistically captures nature, culture and architectural photography

Canadian photographer Ariann Black artistically captures nature, culture and architectural photography

Canadian Photographer Ariann Black : “As I travel the world from Canada to China I delight in sharing my images of nature, architecture, and culture. I have been privileged to visit amazing countries as a professional magician and performer. I hope to continue to capture the spirit of the wonderful people, cultures, foods, landscapes, and wildlife in my photos.

Check out my Canadian photographer Ariann Black Photography Biography here and my magic bio here.

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Photography has always captured my imagination and today’s new camera’s and smartphones have given me convenient tools to document my travels and share them with you.

All the photography on this site is protected by copyright and for sale. Signed and numbered copies are reproduced on acid-free canvas using a high definition Giclée process. Watermarks are removed for paying customers. Just call me for a quote on sizes, frames, and shipping. Art gallery inquiries are always welcome. Yes, I am on Instagram!

Want to learn the story behind each of photographs? Visit my Photography Blog and check out the latest press on my work:

Ariann Black’s Mission is to Magically Bring Joy to People
Both as a Master Magician & as a Fine Art Photographer
by Jeanne Brei

Rusted Chain  
Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada  

The Canal  
Guangzhou, China  

Leaves in the Water  
Vancouver Island, Canada  

Sunset on the Bay  
Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, Canada  

The Holland Trail  
Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, Canada  

The Leaning Barn  
Erickson, Manitoba, Canada  



By : Anthony Darkstone
Canadian photographer Ariann BlackCa

Canadian photographer Ariann Black and indeed everyone who meets or has met her immediately notices two things. Not in any particular order they are her sincere smile and keen sense of perspective. She was born & raised in Canada and her parents were both Artists and their paintings hung on the walls of their home. Someone once wrote that ” the meaning of art, poetry, literature, music, painting, sculpture, must exceed its simple intrinsic sense, and must become cultural in human, social and historical purpose.” Naturally this includes Theater and Photography. Ever since the first camera was invented people have been creating photographic Art. All of us in some form or another have been snapping photos of people & things. However, when someone like Ariann who has years of empirical experience in Theatrical skills, a deep appreciation of mood & atmosphere, lighting, a heightened sense of color plus a sense of perspective beyond the usual perception of things begins to takes photographs the result is a revelation of true Artistic skill that creates a new & renewed definition of beauty. It is written that although Plato & Aristotle disagreed about the concept of beauty they did agree that as an objective, beauty is not just localized but also lies in the response of the beholder.

This is exactly the kind of beauty that Canadian photographer Ariann Black work conveys. She perceives, she creates. The result is that she draws the viewer in to be part of her initial experience whilst allowing them to interpret an experience of their own. The Grand Masters such as Degas, El Greco, Monet, Picasso, Dali, Pollack, etc., had their medium of brushes and paint and the luxury of time. A photographer only has an instant. An excellent photographer has less. That less of an instant was aptly phrased by the Great Plotinus – “We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing, a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all, though only a few put it to use.” I recall with fondness many years ago sitting with Ariann as she scrolled through her phone showing me stunning visuals of the Posters , Costumes and Stage sets of her shows in Vegas in which she Headlined. All taken on her phone. Nowadays she has an iPhone 7 Plus which she uses on 40% of her work. She has upgraded and currently uses a Nikon coolpixB700 for most of her photographs. The results are breathtakingly beautiful. As some of the visuals here depict there is a quality of Wordsworth poetry captured forever in each meticulous shot. Her work has been exhibited in many Galleries and is currently being displayed at The Waterfront Gallery in Ladysmith, Canada. We have been friends for many years & I have written about her career in Showbiz; it is indeed a pleasure to converse with her on another of her talents.

AD: Ariann, as always a pleasure to spend time with you. Most of the other times have been socializing with friends & chatting about your Showbiz career. For those who don’t know, you are a leading World Class International Star in Magic & Illusion with many awards and accolades to your credit. You have performed almost everywhere in the world and recently finished a tour of China. You’ve starred in many Las Vegas Shows and indeed Produced a few of your own. You’ve appeared on major TV networks and also had a role in “Grey’s Anatomy”. What many people may not know is that you are a Humanitarian, you volunteer & fund-raise for several Charitable causes. Your travels for Showbiz have provided you with many opportunities for your Charity work and indeed the locations for many of your photographs. Now you are being recognized as Canadian photographer Ariann Black.

AB: Thank you Anthony for your kind words about me. I am indeed blessed & privileged to have travelled to many places and thankfully my status in Show Business has helped me to open some doors and thus contribute to fund-raising for charities and the like. Yes, without a doubt, visiting several countries in the line of work has provided me with many opportunities to wander, explore, point my phone and Click. Although I have been doing that for some time I must confess I am constantly amazed at the images that appear.




Shy Moose  
Riding Mountain National Park, Canada  

A Winters Trail  
Onanole, Manitoba, Canada  

Dragons Head  
Macau, China  



AD: “… the images that appear” is that a kind of emotional connection with the object you are photographing? ”

AB: Yes & No. Yes, of course, it is a deep emotional connection. It may seem a might silly to say I feel a connection with a tree, a bird, a rock or an ocean wave but it is difficult to actually describe that connection. And No, because the images don’t appear – rather they seem to introduce themselves to me. They draw me to them and within themselves. Not meaning to sound trite but I fall in love with the experience of seeing a bird or a tree or a rock and in that seeing an instantaneous “love at first sight” quality triggers itself. The camera on my phone becomes an extension of me, it absorbs my passion, my seeing, my perception and helps me in the capture of that moment. That moment may only be a millisecond but the rapture is forever.

AD: Yes I understand what you mean. Like a note on a piano or a chord on a guitar, or even a full Orchestra – the music is composed, written on paper but the artist must play – it is in the playing that the audience feels the connection…

Ariann Black is a Canadian photographer artistically capturing nature, culture and architectural photography

AB: Yes those are good examples. I want that image, that moment in time to become that photograph; I want to share that passion, my perceiving, my seeing and convey that emotional connection to those who see the end result. They may see what I saw, they may not – that is not important to me. What is of importance to me is that they also fall, even if it is a little bit, in love with what they see. Perhaps love it enough and have an emotional connection with my photos that is so strong that they want it to be part of their lives … hanging on a wall or even on a desk. Oh my! Did that sound like a shameless plug? I hope not.

AD: No it didn’t. It sounded to me that you were conveying the sheer joy of your experience at the moment of “conception” when the image was conceived and birthed in the same instant. How joyous and natural you would want to share that joy.

AB: Yes Tony, that is exactly right sharing my both my own rapture and capturing images that will never ever come around exactly the same again. Similar, but never the same. Because I travel I hope to be known more than just Canadian photographer Ariann Black.

AD: Speaking of images there are a few I’d like you to share your thoughts on … mainly, what drew you to them? What should we be looking for that isn’t obvious at first glance; so many to choose from … tough choice but the ones I have in mind are ………..

Photograph of Pine warbler, Yellow Bird, sunset, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, CanadaAB: I took this while hiking early one morning on the Holland Trail in Ladysmith. The robin had just hopped up onto a rock and then up on the broken log where the sun was breaking through the trees to create a pool of light over the robin and tree stump. The bird paused long enough for me to grab the camera and shoot one photograph before taking off with its breakfast. But sometimes that’s all you need is one moment to capture a little bird showing off his meal.

AB: The backstory on this one is almost as interesting as the image. I was visiting my family in Ladysmith and wanted to go hiking. I could see from my sisters upstairs window the beautiful colors of the fall season throughout the town. I mentioned how beautiful it was and my sister suggested I go hiking on the path behind her house. That where I came across this section that was filled with every shade of yellow. Where the rest of the path was filled with the multitude of fall colors, this section was simply yellow. It was magical! I perfect section on a meandering section of the path waiting to be photographed before changing like the rest of the world around it.

Sunset in the Park AB: This was taken as the sun was going down over the island. Ladysmith is on the east side of the island so the light goes a little quicker. I had run down to the beach to watch the sunset play out over the bay. A couple guys in a truck driving away saw my camera and said that I had missed the sunset. I told them the best was yet to come. And it did as the sky filled with shades of orange that grew deeper as the light slowly faded. The lone sailboat pulling at its moorings in the calm waters, it was beautiful. You only miss the sunset if you leave halfway through.

AD: I love these images and have come to appreciate them even more now that you have shared the back-story and your thoughts & feelings. There are so many more that I and others would love to know about but for now, we have to content ourselves with these. Is there somewhere we can see more images?

AB: Yes I have a FB Page that people can visit and a website. The FB Page is called The Photography of Ariann Black and the site is :

AD: Thank you Ariann. It has, as always, been a joy to spend time with you and in particular most interesting to discover another one of your passions. Until next time may the light always follow you or even vice-versa.

AB: Hee! Hee! I’m not sure the Light will follow me but I’m sure I will follow the light and continue to see, perceive and capture the beauty of our wonderful planet. Thank you so much. I’ve enjoyed it greatly. Always a pleasure to converse with you Anthony.


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