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I love performing as a wedding magician. Providing entertainment for a special occasion such as someone's wedding is a great honor. A wedding is a joyous expression of true love, two people declaring to the world that they have found the one they believe in and want...

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SEÁNCE The dictionary describes a seánce as: a meeting in which a spiritualist attempts to communicate with the spirits of the dead. séance /ˈseɪ.ɑːns/ or seance is an attempt to communicate with spirits. In 1863 one of the best-known series of séances conducted in...

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Tv Magic

Entertainment Magicians like Ariann Black are known for a range of styles. Her versatility ranges from comedic to sexy to mysterious and sexy. Her entertainment philosophy adheres to a modern version of vaudeville – where audiences experience a range of emotion and can really connect with the wonder of illusion and the personality of Ariann’s exceptionally charismatic character and visage. Ariann has been trained by some of the worlds’ most illustrious magicians. Her secret repertoire of magic tricks and illusions is something that steadily advances depending on the production budget and a clients’ access to advanced theatrical staging.

As a public and corporate performer Ariann has demonstrated the versatility required of someone who is sought after for late night Las Vegas shows, high net worth private family events and professional corporate events. This is why Ariann is often booked around the world and sought out to collaborate with other magicians like Penn and Teller. Ariann makes Las Vegas her home, but she is comfortable in Tokyo or Chicago. Her experience allows corporate event planners to rest easy and collaborate around simple or complex mind-blowing magic shows. The next time you consider entertainment magicians for one of your events consider Ariann Black. 

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