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What’s more wondrous than a Magic Shop? In the magic shop we will have magic for children of all ages. I’ve got a special kit that will just be for girls. There are so many young female magicians out there and I can’t wait to help bring a little bit of magic to them. There is also going to be decks of cards exclusively designed by myself and an artist. This magic shop will be one of the few places where you can actually purchase these cards. will be T-shirt will be available and we will have the the logo for the the deck of cards on the shirt, also look for Black’s Magic show shirt. I get a lot of requests for posters which will be available through this site. Those are just some of the items which will be available in the magic shop.

Ariann Black is considered an artist of magic and a historian of women in magic. He designs and research into magic, magic shops, magic shows and female magicians. For that last ten years Ariann has been accumulating antique magic props, arcane secrets, historic posters and stories of the world of magic. As an artist she has been developing her own designs, products and props designed to usher in a new age of magic and appreciation for magic’s secretive and mysterious history.

Ariann has also been working on the production of documentary series focused on the history of women magicians from around the world. This exciting planned production has collected stories from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the America’s starting as early as the 1700’s. Women magicians have been entertaining the world for centuries and Ariann is interested in cultivating the participation of young women in the magical entertainment and illusionist professions. If you are interested in supporting this en devour please contact Ariann here

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