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If you’re coming to Las Vegas then you must go see a Magic Shows. There are so many magic shows that are absolutely delightful. One of my favorite is Penn and Teller I mean who doesn’t like to go see Penn and Teller it is a hysterical show with obviously Penn who is the loud mouth in the show and does all the talking and Teller who is the quiet one. I always enjoy watching Teller perform he makes magic look like art. Another great show is obviously David Copperfield he has been around performing magic on television and tours for several decades; he is absolutely fabulous. The show is so entertaining and filled with wonder and excitement. He’s been taking out some of the big signature illusions for new routines, and he has some brand new effects that are in his show that if I tell you about them it’ll ruin the surprise but prepared to go back in time with David Copperfield. We have also a wonderful magician from Germany, Jan who is over at the Tropicana. He’s so charismatic onstage he is a delight to watch and I do I do like going to see his show it’s a different sensibility from what you see here in America because he is from Germany it is a very fun show to see. If you have time in the afternoons and you’re looking for something to do then you cannot Miss Mac King. You will laugh for the entire hour and you’ll be so glad that you went. Mac has been here for fifteen years and his show sells out word of mouth and I promise you will not be disappointed you will laugh for the entire hour that you’re there to see Mac King. One of my favorite comedy magicians is Mike Hammer and he does a wonderful show downtown at the Four Queens. Mike is originally from Chicago and he has that Chicago kind of sensibility with his humor which he blends with his magic into a delightful evening show that should not be missed. The paranormal mind reading show over at Bally’s is guaranteed to blow your mind. It is a gentleman from Europe and he will truly make you wonder if he is reading your mind or not. Speaking of mind readers there’s also the mentalist who is over at Planet Hollywood that is also a good show. Other shows to see in the afternoon are Nathan Burton over Planet Hollywood laughter noon with Adam at the D Downtown, and Murray who’s also at Planet Hollywood. Rounding out the magic shows in Vegas there’s also Tommy Wind , Matt Franco and Chris Angel. There are a lot of magic shows to see when you’re in Vegas.

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