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You want to inspire your employees to do more, be more? Imagine this:

Your employees enter the convention room. It’s the usual dull, drab space decorated with the semi-latest in Hotel Chic. A speaker that you suspect is a borderline manic-depressive jumps up onto the platform at the end of the room and proceeds to repeat the same inspirational platitudes they can get from a motivational poster. Your people nod, and cheer, and sometimes cry. They leave the session motivated and enthused.

And head straight to the nearest bar to get wasted.

That’s not how a session with Ariann Black will go.


Got a large group?
Need something unique that will hold their attention?
And still get your message across?

Ariann has several custom-tailored programs you can choose from, each designed to get your message out there. In each program they’ll learn one to three different magic tricks. Learning these tricks imbues the student with unique problem-solving skills. They’ll receive a kit that contains everything that they need to repeat the tricks on their own. Different classes, even during the same convention, learn different tricks, so there’ll no complaints about repetitive sessions. They’ll want to come back, to catch different sessions. The attendees will want to share what they have learned, and maybe even perform for each other, a brilliant way to break the ice, introduce themselves to one another.

Your people leave these sessions having learned valuable social skills, and that as Occam”s Razor teaches, the simplest solution is often the best solution.


Ariann Black has a gift for making motivational speaking… actually motivational. A lovely woman in a business suit begins producing birds out of thin air, levitating objects, and shooting fire from her fingertips? Wouldn’t you pay attention?

She will talk to people about all the amazing things in our lives, if we just look around. People are told “No, you can’t do that” every day. But “No” should be a motivator, and not a negative in your life. “No” in my world isn’t something that’s meant to put you down or discourage you. That is fuel for your fire, and it makes you realize, “I can do this, I can do anything!”. It is having faith in yourself and your ability. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there.

Whichever session you choose, they’ll leave entertained, but also educated and truly motivated.


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