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Magic can be a huge part of fundraising. Many organizations hire magicians for their black tie fundraiser dinners, and I do quite a few of these. I donate my time to several pet charities that I work with, like Best Buddies or Welcome Home Troops. But I hire out to many other charities on a regular basis. Entertainment is an integral part of bringing the charity’s message home to people. With so many worthy causes out there needing time, attention, and of course, money, I like choosing those that really speak to me. I want to help organizations that I truly believe in.
When you’re hiring a magician for a fundraising event it’s important that their performance aids the organization’s goal(s).
I love gearing my show specifically to a charity. I want the evening to be a memorable experience for not just for the charity but the donors. I want them to leave thinking, “Wow, this is a great cause worthy of my money, and this organization is doing all that they can. Look what their doing just to entertain us, and even the performer really believes in it. It’s not just some cheesy event.”
Whether it’s a corporate event or a fundraiser I change the dialog to fit the theme of the charity. I tailor my message specifically to a cause. Though it is time-consuming, I find it very rewarding. When a strong message is tailored toward the guests, it can be emotional. A visceral reaction can help when it comes to fundraising. That’s when you see more donations come in.
If you have a charity event coming up and you wish to provide some entertainment, I would love to speak to you about helping raise money for your particular charity.

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