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Half of the work that I do comes from select parties. Whether it’s a party in someone’s residence or a private corporate event, I am always happy bring a little bit of wonder and charm to these select social gatherings.

At such private events a great deal of close up magic is performed, and amazingly alot of people haven’t seen magic done up close and personal before. This never ceases to amaze me. I believe the best way to experience magic is on a personal level. The look of amazement and wonder in a person’s eyes face-to-face, when the magic is happening in their own hands is one of the biggest reasons for me becoming a magician.
You never know who you’ll meet or what will happen at such an event. I’ve had the privilege to perform for all sorts of fun and interesting people. The last event that I performed at was a corporate party for a beverage that sold in Brazil. There was a world-famous DJ there and a popular Brazilian soap star.

We ended up producing her in a hotel suite surrounded by people. I showed a cage empty in the middle of a suite at Caesar’s Palace we covered up the cage and this beautiful soap star was suddenly standing in the cage with companies beverage in her hand, that’s how we got the party started. People were surrounding the cage it was beautiful because we could barely move and everybody had crowded around wanting to see. there were iPhones and cameras flashing everywhere, I’m sure there’s footage of it out on the internet somewhere. this soap star, came to the suite early, we showed her how to do the trick before the event started. She turned out to be a lovely person who had performed in magic illusions on television once before although she had never done this particular trick. She jumped into the box and said OK what do I do, which is always so much fun when people want to participate and they’re really take an actively involvement in and get excited about doing the magic.

It’s great when wild and crazy things just happen!


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