+1 (702) 204-0775 conjurer@ariannblack.com

I enjoy working with many different corporate event planners as they aid in my transition and I become… The Magician. Most agents trust me to communicate directly with clients, which is not a usual practice. Agents understand that many of the delicate details of my performance require direct information and communication with the client. Sometimes, the client has a wonderful illusion in mind, but it is not technically possible, or within their budget. It’s important that all three parties, agent, client, and talent, work together. That’s when the magic happens..

I have a stellar reputation with both agents and client which guarantees me repeat business. I endeavor to tailor each individual performance to the needs of that particular client, be it a personalized trick, or paying special attention to a child.

My objective is to make it my show truly magical and unique for each client.


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