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The truth is there is only one MASTER MAGICIAN. It is an award/title that is pasted down from a senior recipient to a younger magician who has proven himself deserving of the title. The title has always been past onto a male magician, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be awarded to a women in the future.

The current person to hold the title Master Magician is Lance Burton. He was awarded this title in a ceremony in which Master Magician Lee Grable bestowed the title to Lance. For me Lance exemplifies the term Master Magician, because he excels in all styles of magic. He is a wonderful manipulation/bird magician winning many awards for his routine, one that I might add even some of the greats can not perform, as this style of magic takes many years to perfect. His ability to perform close-up tricks is just as good as that of any card magician; his illusion show was exquisite, with beautiful routines that captured the imagination. Because Lance is so adapt at all aspects of magic he truly makes the perfect current Master Magician.

If someone other that Lance a Burton tells you they are a master magician, they are lying.

So, how do I fit into this mix? Well, my promotional materials say Master Female Magician. The women of magic decided to create their own version of this award and I was lucky enough to have it bestowed upon me. There are many women who perform magic, but most specialize in one aspect of this art form. I am one of 3 or 4 women in the world who specializes in all forms of magic. Whether it’s performing card tricks at a corporate cocktail hour or featuring an illusion in a Vegas revue show, I feel quite at home. But I also have a manipulation/bird act that has taken me all over the world. It is an act that I have spent many years honing until moves were just right and still to this day practice parts of this act. The fact that women in magic consider me good enough to have this title leaves me humbled and truly honored.
That’s what makes me a Master Female Magician.


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