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I’ve done charity work with the Medal of Honor recipients. Meeting the people who have been awarded Medal of Honor has changed my life. They are individuals who have seen the most horrible thing in the world and that’s unfortunately how they receive that medal. They have kind of gone on this auto pilot and just done whatever it took to save whoever it was that was there with them in their platoon, saving whomever while putting their own lives in grave peril. These amazing people drag or carried others to safety then defended their position going above and beyond when most of us would be lost. I discovered these are people who see the world in a very happy place. I’ve talked to so many of them and they all see a joy in the world. They’re all generally successful people, they’ve been successful at whatever they have wanted to do in their lives not letting the past or things that have happened to them stop them it doesn’t define who they are they just proceed through life dealing with things as they happen. I don’t know how they’re just wonderful people who are successful at anything and everything they do and we should all wish to be as brave and as amazing as those particular people.

Medal of Honor

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