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The Real Secret of Happiness!

I was truly honored to have been invited to Washington DC to perform for the President’s 2013 Inaugural Ball, where I had an opportunity to meet and entertain several Medal of Honor recipients. All of them had endured hardships and triumphed over insurmountable odds, yet they were all remarkably humble and happy people with a profound sense of gratitude for life. It reminded me that the challenges we battle must never silence our prayers of thanks because real happiness is an expression of gratitude.

If your are planning an award ceremony of their own soon, I’d like to suggest adding a magical touch to the festivities. I’ve been honored as, “Female Magician of the Year” for my crowd-pleasing brand of magic. Better yet, I’ll help you earn the gratitude of your clients for providing them with a unique and memorable evening of entertainment, whether it’s for an intimate gathering of VIPs or a large convention.

Ariann Black

Magician of the year 2011

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