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These are questions that you should have thought about already as they are important to your event. Most magicians will ask these questions of their clients to help with achieving the perfect show.

Questions the Magician should ask:

1) What kind of magic are you looking for?
Some clients want strolling/close-up magic for the cocktail hour and other people want a full stage show. Knowing what type of magic helps me tailor my magic to the client’s needs and their event.

2) What is your budget?
I have a variety of great show to fit all types of budgets. There are companies with budgets for a small show on the dance floor and other companies who rent out giant theaters. Either way both clients are important to me and I want to make sure each one receives the best show possible. But I don’t want to send information to a company for a giant stage illusion show when the ballroom they rented only fits 50 people. It’s like trying on that $50,000 dollar dream wedding dress when you only have $1,000 to spend. When money is a concern remember; booking the cheapest does not give you the best result. If it’s a bad performance you will be left feeling like you wasted your money. I always leave my clients feeling like they got more value for the expense of booking me.

3) How many people will be in attendance?
If it is a small party of 10 people and you want me there for 4 hours that might be a problem as I will run out of material and people to perform too. Yet if it is a party of over 1000 guests and you only want me there for an hour then I would suggest hiring more than one magician so that more guests have a chance to enjoy the magic.

4) Is there a theme to the event?
I have many costumes available that may suit your theme. If the evening’s theme is simply Magic, then a magician fits right in. From Circus/Cirque costume to retro to superhero, ask and I will see what’s in the costume closet.

5) Do you have an idea of what kind of magic you need for your event?
Are you looking for a holiday party show, close-up magic during cocktails, stage show at your gala or the company picnic. All of these events have different looks and feels to them. And you will find that some performers specialize is just the close-up or just the stage. You don’t want a close-up magician performing card tricks on stage during your gala.

6) If there is close-up magic did you want one bigger piece of magic to close out the evening? A lot of companies will want one big trick right before the CEO speaks. A larger trick helps to get everyone’s attention and has them focused on the platform or section of the room where the speaker will address the room. It’s like they have their own professional opening act.

7) Will there be a guest-of-honor at this event?
When someone is being honored I like to include them in the stage show. Making them feel special is part of my show and your event.

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