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The dictionary describes a seánce as: a meeting in which a spiritualist attempts to communicate with the spirits of the dead. séance /ˈseɪ.ɑːns/ or seance is an attempt to communicate with spirits.
In 1863 one of the best-known series of séances conducted in North America were those of Mary Todd Lincoln who, wished to contact her son William after his death. She organized Spiritualist séances in the White House, which were attended by her husband, President Abraham Lincoln, and other prominent members of society. Also Harry Houdini following the death of his mother reached out to mediums hoping to find a way to communicate with his mother. He soon discovered that mediums were frauds and went on a mission to expose these people as charlatans.
In today’s world we know seánces are spiritual shows meant to entertain. The element of mystery and fear of the unknown compel us to continually ask the question “what happens when we pass on.” Seánces give people a voyeuristic look into the other side. Spirits will talk with the living as the lights dim and the ghosts come out to play. Questions will be answered as our medium reaches out from this plain of existence to the other side, bridging the distance from our world and theirs. Listen closely to the stories of the ghosts who haunt our medium every day as they come to her with messages from beyond. Watch as objects mysteriously move and make noises as if guided by a ghostly hand. The love we once thought lost will come back to use through the lost art of the seánce. Come experience the only show where the whispering voices of the dead can be heard and answered.

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