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Throughout my career I’ve been lucky to meet so many famous magicians and I was fortunate enough to be the opening act for Amazing Jonathan for almost two years making me his longest running opening act. The Amazing Jonathan is a famous comedy magician who’s known for being outrageous and crazy, working for him was just as much fun and crazy as you could imagine him being and I left with many funny stories.  Wonderful stories about being backstage with this maniac, he just was so out there and he was always playing practical jokes which he stopped playing on me because I just I didn’t get them.  He kept me around I think just for his own personal amusement also because his audience reacted so strongly to my magic even though they were there to see him and I was just the opening act. His audiences were so wonderful and gracious. They loved everything that I did and I’m not funny. I do a Very Serious Bird Act. I would come out and do the Bird Act and get this huge response from his crowd that was really delightful. Then during the course of his show he actually did little callbacks to my act. At one point he produced a bird; he then smushed the bird, and I would come and rescue it, swearing at him, which he just thought that was funny and the audience seem to think so too, from the laughter. Jonathan is so good with knowing what would make people laugh, and his timing was impeccable.  He knows just how to give that magical comedy moment to the audience. Another section in the show is where he would do this card routine and where he would make it look like he was producing cards, now I had already done that in my act as a real serious piece and he would come out and go, Yeah! Magicians they wear long sleeves and my sleeves are rolled up. Well, what was funny and what he didn’t understand because he had never seen me do the card piece was that he didn’t know I take my jacket off to do the card routine so I don’t have any sleeves at that point in the act. He would get this huge laugh from the audience that he thought was just part of what he was saying, he didn’t realize it was because he was contradicting himself. When he found out he thought it was even more funny because he had been doing it so long not knowing. Jonathan has such a wonderful sense of himself, humor and comedy that it was it’s always such a joy to work with him because I learn something new every single day. The time that I spent being in that show was so fun and precious that any time I have the chance to work with Amazing Jonathan I jump at it and if there are any magicians out there that are reading this if you have a chance to work at the Amazing Jonathan you should jump at it too. He really is this wonderful resource it is something that will always be a part of me and I love him for that.


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