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2015-08-05 04.45.49-1I have a new show starting November 13/2015. I’m very excited about this show because it is a family friendly magic show every Friday and Saturday at the GioTheatre. The are elements in my show from the 1900’s when touring magic shows were extremely popular. The show features my bird act where I produces birds from thin air. I’m currently one of a handful of people in the world performing this style of magic. There is a section in the show when I perform with soap bubbles, this routine has a beautiful message for people following their dreams. I enjoy bring people up from the audience it’s one of my favorite things to do. You never know what people will say or do, but it is alway entertaining and generally leaves the audience laugh hysterically, these tricks using audience members are truly magical moments. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to come up and help me on stage with a trick someday.
I try to take people on a journey, a journey of fun, love, laughter and most of all magic.
So when you see a sign that says Black’s Magic then come and see the show. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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I had the honor of opening for The Amazing Jonathan at the Flamingo, Sahara, RiveraGolden Nugget and The Harmon Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada over the course of eight years. It was an amazing experience and my team was simply fabulous. What I enjoyed most about our experience together was Jonathan’s sense of humor. He had us in stitches every night with fresh and unexpected practical jokes.


Kali is a Hindu goddess connected with empowerment, or shakti. I performed this act in my show “Secrets” at the Weston Hotel during 2011. The name of Kali means both black one and force of time. Sometimes Kali is invoked as the Goddess of Time, Creation, Preservation and Destruction. I love to perform this act as Kali is many things to many people. I am working to take this act to the next level in preparation for a live television broadcast.


In 2004 and 2005 I had the honor of appearing on Steve Harvey’s Big Time Television show broadcast nationally on the CW Network. One of my appearances was their highest rated episode. Steve Harvey is one of the funniest people I have met. I enjoyed the experience so much and I look forward to appearing again on his new show The Steve Harvey Show – just dont ask me to fly Spirit Airlines!

The Illusionists’ Magic Productions

Because I spend so much time creating special moments for companies and corporations. I don’t have one special magical production because I like to make everything unique and different for those companies and I like spending the time creating really I like things that make me think make me work and so I have a lot of favorite magical productions but I don’t have one specific one just because so many of them have been so special and different and unique for each company that I’ve worked for I for instance I’m right now getting ready putting together a seance show and I put together say on shows for companies when they’re doing special events during the month of October and they will put me into a special room and we’ll do that say on show in that room and will bring in you know twenty of their their the company members and then we keep the sand show really short it will be twenty minutes and then we’ll bring in a new group of twenty people and we’ll do it that way and the sound show is a lot of fun because it’s that element of scaring people scaring adult and on a deeper level than just a haunted house and really making them question the world around them through the seance. So you know that’s one of my favorite productions to do and you know other things are you’re producing like when a client calls me up and says hey we have this new product and we want you to produce it so I produced cars I’ve produced sewing machines. I produced a small chips for companies that we then you know use up on the big screen and done magic with those chips and and made that a really magical moment because it really doesn’t matter whether the object is as small as a dime or as big as a car or an elephant for that matter it really it’s how it’s presented so that everybody can see it an experience that I used to do corporate shows where they’d want big cat and I had this one cat. Favor that I love producing because he was just nobody knew this but he was just this big mush and anytime he’d see me he would just start purring and so I loved working corporate events where they would want to see him and he was just such a wonderful cat Fortunately he did end up dying of cancer he was nine years old at the time which were kept in captivity is actually a really good age to live too and just such a wonderful wonderful animal it’s amazing how much you can learn from these animals but like I said there’s so many productions that I’ve done that I’ve just gotten so much more out of it than than I think the client realizes because everything for me is a learning experience and I love learning new things every day so if it’s learning something about that product for the the reveal or if it’s learning something about it and new trick to produce that product or anything I just love learning something new every day and if that’s what I take away from my favorite productions. Then my favorite production is the ability to learn something new and and be able to share that with with whoever it is that’s hired me for that particular show.

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