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Bringing a smile with style

Your typical Tradeshow: jaded participants staggering from booth to booth, their arms aching from the weight of yet another lame goody bag full of pens and water bottles. All that they’re thinking about, particularly in Las Vegas, is getting out of there at the end of the day to drink, gamble, and otherwise carouse…

But at your booth, on a small stage, a lovely woman is performing amazing sleight-of-hand, talking about your product or service. They gather around watch and listen to what she has to say. She performs some corporate magic for tradeshow clientele. A magic show specifically designed to draw the crowds back to your booth again and again.

As a corporate magician I know how to draw a crowd. As people stop over and over to see what I have to say and do, after a while people start coming around the booth just wanting to see the magic show. By the the end of the first day people start asking about the female magician and wanting to see her show. I can bring that Wow! factor to your company and products that is invaluable for acquiring corporate leads.

On the convention floor people are always looking for fun unique ways to get people to stop traffic and Magic is that fun unique way to do it. Shows of ten to fifteen minutes in length seem to be the perfect increment of time for people stop, watch, enjoy and then interact, giving the booth staff the opportunity to connect.

I’ll dazzle ’em with magic, then you dazzle ’em with your product!


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