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I love performing as a wedding magician. Providing entertainment for a special occasion such as someone’s wedding is a great honor. A wedding is a joyous expression of true love, two people declaring to the world that they have found the one they believe in and want in their life forever. Because it’s such a special occasion I want to make everything that I do about the couple and their love. Creating magic that is all about people being together and sharing their lives is the type of magic that I like to bring to a wedding.

There are several options that I provide at weddings:
The first is The Release of the Dove: Many couples after the ceremony want to release a pair of white doves. I provide white homing pigeons that will fly off when released that return to my house. These birds are specially cared for and trained here at my home. This is a touching moment when the new husband and wife are looking at each other and they release those birds into the sky. It creates an amazing image and memory in your wedding album.
The second is The Magical Love Performance: One of the best memories I have is of being flown out to Telluride to perform close-up magic at a wedding. The bride and groom were an an older couple who were excited about starting a new adventure in life together. I was a wedding gift so they were a little nervous about having magic, but putting people at ease is also part of my job. The couple was so thrilled with the magic at their pre-wedding dinner that I ended up being invited to the wedding and performing at the wedding. When you perform at somebody’s wedding you’re part of a special occasion that these people don’t want to forget and everything about their wedding should be magical including the entertainment. I’m very specific about what I do and how I do it and how I dress and I make sure that I blend in with the event, the only people who should stand out at the wedding are the bride and groom and so I am just there to augment and make their wedding as memorable an occasion as possible. It’s an honor to be a part of seeing new couples off onto their new life together.
Wedding magicians perform both close-up magic and stage shows, sometimes couples want to do something together and so every once in awhile I will create an illusion that is just right for the newlyweds. I spend time talking to the couple to find out what it is that is special in their life what it is that they want to share with their friends and family and what it is they see themselves doing. Sometimes they see themselves doing a particular trick because they know a little bit about magic or they’ve seen something on television. Other times, couples don’t know what they want just that they want to have something fun for their guests. It’s my job to help root out what it is they want that’s going to make them happy with their wedding magician. There is a joy in catering to these special events and doing whatever it is that will make the couple most happy.
Whether I perform close up magic, a stage show, or a consult, you are guaranteed to have a magical wedding.

So in the same vein as weddings are the proposals. You might be surprised how many people want to propose to their girlfriend in a way that is different, unusual and has that magic element. I’ve done quite a few proposals and they have that element of surprise as the girl has no idea what’s coming. It’s so fun to borrow a piece of jewelry from a woman, have it vanish and completely disappear at that point I’ll “say oh you know we’re going to need a guy to come up and help us, are you dating?” bring the guy up magically produce the box and say “Oh must be in here” at which point he gets on one knee and start the proposal . other routines I have done for proposals is I’ve lost a piece of jewelry from the girl and had it end up in the gum ball machine but when the little bubble rolls out of the machine it has the engagement ring and at that point the guy comes up proposes. There are all sorts of different ways of magically producing that ring and I love the creative challenge. It is wonderful when a guys calls up and they have a great idea, some of them have ideas that are so wild and out there that creating the impossible truly takes a lot of effort but yeah helping a guy proposed to his girlfriend it’s one of the sweetest things. The best part is that to date every proposal I have been involved with the girl has said yes.

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